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But you can protect yourself by asking any witnesses to jot down their name and a way they can be reached. You dont need to discuss anything at the scene, just find a way to get in touch with the person at a later time. These are some simple steps to take to protect yourself after youve been involved in a collision. Keep in mind that there is no need to discuss what happened (except with the officer so that he can include it in his report). The scene of the accident is no place to get into an argument or confront anyone. Keep a clear head and follow the above steps to preserve and record the information that you may need later.

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Exchange contact and Insurance Information, after a collision, you need the name, address, phone number, and insurance spot information (name of insurance company and policy number) from any vehicle driver involved. Dont even worry about determining whose fault the collision was. Dont try to assess your injuries or damage to your bike. Everything can be sorted out at a later time if you have a way to contact the person and/or start an insurance claim. If police respond to the scene because you or someone else called 9-1-1, the police should take down this information. If you are badly hurt, you can get the drivers contact information at a later time from the police report. Get Contact Information from Witnesses, uninvolved witnesses will help sort out what happened in a collision. If other bicyclists were nearby and saw what happened, ask for their name and phone number. If someone stops to help you, get that persons contact information. Witnesses or good samaritans often volunteer this information. Responding officers should seek out any witnesses to include in the police report.

If youve never been in a collision before, it may not occur to you that even if the police are called to the scene, the officer may not write a police report. The law in Virginia is that an officer must write a report when there is death, injury, or more than 1,500 in property damage. Otherwise, the officer does not have to write a report (this means that the officer will not write a report). So if you say that you are ok even though something hurts or you are scraped up, the officer will likely take that as no injury and driver will not write a report. Likewise, many officers are not familiar with the value of a bicycle and may not realize that the damage to your bike exceeds 1,500. So if you are hurt, even a little, or if your bike is damaged, politely but firmly request the responding officer to make an accident report. A police report often plays an important role in any claim you may make in the future, and is also important for the local government to keep track of bicycle-related collisions.

write a bike

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In part this is due to the fact that being struck is adrenaline-inducing and shocking. Its not immediately apparent what hurts and what is wrong. If you were struck by a car while riding your bicycle, call 911. Or tell someone else to. Dont try to assess whether you are ok enough to avoid calling the police. If anything hurts, or part of your body is numb, or you see blood, request an ambulance, too. First responders are key to getting the help you need now and to record basic information that you will need later. Request the responding Officer make an Accident Report. Police officers do not automatically write an incident report after a collision.

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write a bike

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Nearby riding Areas 2 reviews for boone bike and touring. Being involved in a collision while riding your bicycle is an unfamiliar experience for most people. Unlike most car collisions, when you are in a collision on your bike, you are more likely to suffer broken bones or see blood from cuts or scrapes. Its no simple task to keep greenfield a clear head or think rationally in this situation. Depending on the extent of your injuries, there might be little that you can do after being hit, other than put yourself into the hands of the emt. But there are steps you can take that will make sure you get the help and information you need before leaving the scene of the accident. Call 9-1-1, a lot of people have the tendency to downplay their injuries at the scene.

you can report the theft online ( by phone or in person at your local police station. Ask for your cad (Computer Aided Despatch) or cris (Crime reference Information System) number. This will help you trace the progress of your case and may be needed for your insurance claim. If your bike is stolen in London, report the theft to the metropolitan Police service by calling 101 or online. If you are a victim of bike theft and you suspect your bike is being sold, do not arrange to meet the seller, contact the police,"ng your crime reference number.

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Reduce the chances of this happening by: storing your bike in a locked shed or garage keeping it out of view securing it to an immovable object. Follow the Three rs : (as recommended by the metropolitan Police service). Record, keep a record of the frame number, make and any other marks that can identify your bike if it is stolen. Take a photo of the bike and write a description of it, so you can describe it accurately if it does get stolen. You may find our Photo Upload facility useful, available from our online shop: ( alternatively, when you register on bikeregister, you can download a bike logbook which allows you to write down the main features of your bike, such as frame number, make and model. If stolen, you can give this to police to help track it down. Register, register your bike details onto. By marking and registering your bike you stand a chance that the police will be able to return it to you if it is stolen and recovered. Report, more and more marked bikes are being recovered and returned to their rightful owners, so if your bike is stolen you should definitely report it to the police.

write a bike

Use designated parking areas where possible. make sure the locks go through the bike frame as well as both wheels and the post you are securing. Otherwise, a thief may steal the bike and leave the wheels behind. Also, make sure it isnt possible to cut through the post, or for the bike to be lifted up over the top. Ensure your lock doesnt touch the ground, otherwise it is easy for a thief to sledgehammer it off. take any removable items with you such as wheels, lights, baskets and saddle. dont park in the same place every day. If bike thieves are stealing presentation to order, they are more likely to target you if they know where you will. At home, more than half of bikes are stolen from home.

Make sure it covers you for thefts outside the home too. If your bicycle is particularly valuable you may need to insure it separately. Bikeregister has teamed up with Cycleplan to offer you up to 25 off your bike insurance when you register your bike with bikeregister. To find out more click here m/partnerships/cycleplan. Out and about, bike thefts can occur at any time - day or night. A growing trend is that thieves are stealing certain makes and models to order. park your bike in a well-lit area, where it can be easily seen by passers-by. lock both wheels and the frame of your bike to a cycle stand or other immoveable object.

As part of their move to improve cycle security in London, the metropolitan Police forces Cycle task force regularly set up engagement stalls offering security marking and inventory registration onto bikeregister. For more information about Cycle task force security marking email email protected, in other parts of the uk, local police forces mark bikes at special events which are usually advertised on their websites. You can also contact your local Safer neighbourhood team to find out when their next marking event is taking place. However, if you are marking your bike yourself: ensure the security mark is clearly visible. This in itself will act as a deterrent to bike thieves. apply a tamper-proof sticker to the frame, warning that the bike has been marked. Make sure you register the bike online at bikeregister and download a registration log book, proving ownership.

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With the popularity of cycling at an all dom time high, what should you do to protect your bike from theft? Get a decent lock, bike thieves need to operate quickly to reduce the chance of being caught, so a decent bike lock is literally worth its weight in gold. A heavy-duty bike lock can make a thiefs job more difficult, with the result that they abandon attempts to steal your bike or move onto a bike with a less secure lock. buy a decent lock - preferably two. Expect to pay at least 40 for a lock. Make sure you buy a certified Sold Secure lock. We have a range of Sold Secure locks available from our online shop: ( ). make your mark, marking your bike with a unique code ensures that Police will be able to trace your bike back to you if it is stolen and recovered. Bikeregister is a police -approved marking scheme and the bikeregister kit is the metropolitan Police services preferred bike marking product.

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